Where it all started.

We are not a large corporate kitchen. We are a husband and wife who have poured our entire lives into building a place that supports hardworking humans by providing delicious healthy food. We have been blessed with a team that believes in our mission of changing 1 million lives by being the best meal prep in the United States. We strive in every way to grow and make our products the best, our team the best,  and your experience the best.We do not always hit our mark and we know we have let some of you down. But know that you mean the world to us. Your goals matter to us. Your schedule and how you fit everything in the 24 hour day. Your good days and your bad days. We care and we are here to support you. A piece of us goes into every meal you order. We could not be Pivotal without you. We know you have a million and one options for meal prep and we Thank You for choosing us. 

When we miss the mark, please let us know. We appreciate the feedback, it is what makes us better. 

Pivotal Nutrition LLC