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Teriyaki Chicken Wrap with Sesame Ginger Aioli

Introducing our Teriyaki Chicken Wrap with Sesame Ginger Aioli on Whole Grain, a delicious and wholesome option for a satisfying meal. Made with antibiotic and hormone-free chicken breast, this wrap is packed with high-quality protein to fuel your body.

Wrapped in a whole grain wrap, which is made from a blend of nutritious grains, this wrap offers a wholesome and fiber-rich base. It is then filled with grilled pineapple, baby carrots, hummus, red cabbage, and green cabbage for a refreshing and crunchy texture.

To elevate the flavors, we’ve added a sesame ginger aioli made with olive oil mayo, sesame seeds, tamari, and ginger. This aioli adds a tangy and savory taste that perfectly complements the teriyaki sauce drizzled over the chicken.

With a perfect balance of flavors and a variety of nutritious ingredients, our Teriyaki Chicken Wrap with Sesame Ginger Aioli on Whole Grain is a delicious and satisfying option for a wholesome meal on the go.

Ingredients: Antibiotic & Hormone-Free Chicken Breast, Whole Wheat Wrap (Whole Wheat Flour, Enriched Bleached Flour (Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, Vegetable Shortening (Interesterified and Hydrogenated Soybean Oils)), Pineapple, Baby Carrots, Hummus (Garbanzo Beans, Tahini, Pure Olive Oil, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt), Sesame Ginger Aioli (Olive Oil Mayo, Sesame Seeds, Tamari (Soy), Sugar, Ginger), Red Cabbage, Teriyaki Sauce, Green Cabbage



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9g Sugar910g Sodium
9g Sugar950g Sodium
14g Sugar1370g Sodium
9g Sugar910g Sodium

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